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"We've been let down by someone on this project - and we need you to help sort it out."

Shane Halpin of VC Volunteers (an international aid volunteering NGO) had taken on an ambitious target. With his thin but talented staff, he had embarked on a whole new and potentially valuable channel, but it wasn't without considerable risk. The EU Aid Volunteer Initiative is a programme geared to strengthening the technical capabilities of humanitarian NGOs across Europe. VC Volunteers had been part of a consortium to carry out the objectives of this large, funded project. But the project - Volunteering for Humanity - had been floundering and the organisation leading the project had pulled out, leaving everyone in the lurch. Despite never having taken on such a role before and with no experience of how the EU operated such projects, VC Volunteers stepped up to take on the project leader role. This was one year into a 2-year project and so the project was miles behind its targets, particularly in the area of communications. And Covid was not making the task any easier. If the project wasn't completed successfully, it would likely compromise VC's ability to win such projects into the future and some of the funds associated with the project would have to be given back. Shane asked Adrian O'Farrell, with the support of Juice Marketing, to take on the role of Communications Manager for the project. When the project completed, the team had blown the communications targets out of the water. The extent of our activities was considerable, including - a new logo and visual approach for the project - a new website - social channels - a global online forum - blog posts - press coverage - a documentary on how local people in Serbia accommodated refugees an online exhibition - 4 x eBooks (3,000+ downloads)

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the client thought

“With the Volunteering forHumanity EU project, we found ourselves with a great opportunity on our hands, but also worried that if we got it wrong, we could regret taking it on. In asking Adrian to take on the Comms Manager role for the project, we struck it rich. His experience, knowledge and skills meant that he could galvanise a pan European team that had been given little to no direction up to that point, after the previous project lead organisation left the project.Adrian and Juice inherited a set of objectives that were very challenging, but lacking any apparent rationale. However, he met and exceeded every objective across a range of parameters including reach, engagement, press placements, creating an international volunteer network, a suite of educational resources, a documentary and other video and audio productions. Looking back, it was very daunting, but Adrian and Juice took it in their stride and enabled us to reap the full benefits of our participation in the programme, comfortably exceeding the demanding communications targets we had been set and positioning us well for future projects with the EU. He also learned at first hand the peculiarities of managing communications for a large EU project.To anyone considering Juice Marketing as a partner for their marketing and communications requirements, I would heartily recommend them.”

Shane Halpin, MD, VC Volunteers
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