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We have a well proven methodology for getting to understand our clients’ situation and brand, leading to the development of a marketing strategy and marketing plan.
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We send our client a questionnaire that is designed to elicit key information quickly. This should be completed by key stakeholders. Often this reveals whether the senior team is on the same page or not, and can be a valuable learning in and of itself.

We review the questionnaires and use them as the basis of the next two phases.


Competitive Overview

We review the client company/brand's online presence along with that of competitors mentioned by the client in the Questionnaire.

Man researching brands online presence
Marketing workshop
Under the Bonnet

Marketing Workshop

Adrian leads a marketing workshop with 4-6 key stakeholders and those with an insight into customers. Our established process is geared to establishing the vision, objectives, audiences, history/audit, brand personality and a deep dive into individual key buying personas.


Marketing Strategy & Plan Document

Using the learnings from the marketing workshop and follow-up questions, we build the marketing strategy and marketing plan document. This a detailed plan that establishes our objectives, strategy to achieve them, a detailed plan for the first 6 months that includes content assets (including working titles), channels, responsibilities, editorial calendar and budget.

Marketing Strategy and Plan document
executives reviewing data while executing a marketing plan for Juice Marketing
Making it Happen

Executing the Plan

We work to an editorial calendar with clear responsibilities and timelines. And if you don't hold up your end of the bargain, you will hear about it. We are constantly watching the data to see what is working and so the plan may be tweaked as we go to get the most out of the budget and ensure we hit our targets.


Learning for the next plan

Whilst we are constantly reviewing the data and tweaking, we hold a formal annual review at the end of the year to re-establish where we are, what has worked and what hasn't, with a view to learning for the next planning cycle.

reviewing data for future planning with Juice Marketing
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