My Live Medical

Platform for Managing
Medical Reports

"We're looking to revolutionise how medical reports are managed in Ireland and we'd like you to build the app to do that"

My Live Medical is a start-up company that saw inefficiency in how medical reports were being managed in the insurance industry and saw an opportunity.

Claims Managers in insurance companies were requesting medical reports from GPs using olde worlde methods like snail mail, email and receiving completed reports in the same way.

The creation of an app that facilitated the commission, completion and transmission of such reports made sense for all parties, saving the insurers and clinics a lot of admin time and achieving a quicker turnaround time, making it more likely that the insurer could avoid the time and expense of cases going to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board.

Juice were approached to design and build the application that would make all this happen, as well as work with the owners on the branding and communication of the platform.

App Development


My Live Medical has succeeded in getting off the ground with two of Ireland’s largest insurance companies undergoing pilot schemes with the platform.


The company has also managed to recruit a panel of GPs and Occupational Health Physicians despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 crisis in the health sector.


The company is set for a bright future. 

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